Harmonisation of the nation's licencing, training and competency preparations have been initiated by Safe Work Australia with the launch of new nationwide competency units for working with asbestos.Workplace bullying thrives in an environment the place staff are frightened of speaking-up about unreasonable behaviour due to potential victimisation o… Read More

Flexibility, durability and the ability to withstand high amounts of heat made Asbestos known as the 'Miracle Mineral' in Ancient Greece. People who have worked in asbestos industries or lived around asbestos industries and their families are more prone to get this disease. Project sites may be construction sites and may also include ships, soils … Read More

WorkSafe and Consumer Protection have issued a warning after asbestos had been found in imported crayons.During renovations or the demolition of houses containing asbestos, asbestos fibres may be released into the air and be inhaled leading to asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Non-friable asbestos means any asbestos-containing material apar… Read More

Asbestos materials were commonly used within the constructing industry from 1940 to 1980. There is now a ban on using asbestos merchandise.Once these buildings are demolished, fragments have entered the soil system the place they have remained over time. Due to the comparatively good understanding in the neighborhood of the impacts that asbestos ca… Read More

In NSW, 12 second stage model Codes of Practice had been applied and 5 current codes from the earlier OHS Act have been revoked.Our 105 cell pumps mixed with our other gear provides us the capability to analyse 12,000 fibre samples a year. All samples go through an intensive testing process. Results are then reported again to purchasers we work wit… Read More